BRAND CONCEPT" This is art, and it is a toilet."

ARTOLETTA is the first art work in the world succeeded in using toilet as a Canvas. This artwork yielding innovative and ecological Art has a policy to use only a sustainable toilet = Canvas and gave birth to a new history in the relationship between Art and Life.
The concept “ This is art, and it is a toilet “ implies our desire that the Canvas being a toilet inevitable for life, induces people’s participation in environmental problems and moral reform to a normal practice, and Art yields a new universal value together with consideration and empathy passed to viewers.

[Effect of Artoletta]
According to an English statistic, human life span is 78 years while sleep for 26 years and toilet for more than 3 years.We normally pursue peace of mind for bedroom and living room i.e. we spare no effort in preparation of spending daily life comfortable and ECO oriented.How about restroom ? Japanese has been doing a big effort to be comfortable in toilet ( maybe world No1. ) for these several years. But it has not yet become usual that the space of the restroom should be comfortable and beautiful, why ?
During the disaster of eastern Japan earthquake, we lost ordinary life and found it inevitable to have a chance to face and review toilet space in human life.The hospitality brought by a space of Artoletta has no border and is a key to bring comfort, impression, joy and environmental friendliness to people all over the world. The space wearing art just like a fashion will further yield entertainment, music, sport, commercial complex, inbound and outbound etc.
Our challenge is being implemented toward international market through qualification and support by Japan brand project of METI and JETRO consortium project.