INTRODUCED “P!NTO SEATING DESIGN” in the showroom ARTOLETTA will appear at “P!NTO SEATING DESIGN” in Minami Aoyama.

We launched P!NTO SEATING DESIGN in Minami-Aoyama, where everybody can come and experience our seats. Fully custom made chair with our seating design“P!NTO SEATING DESIGN”, with our unique technique, selected fabric and materials. This provides you very own personal comfort that only us can promise you the highest relaxatio. We not only have our original seating, but also we collaborated with artists all over the world. Those seats are all designed by HISAKO NOMURA. We are sure this place offers you the best suggestion for your special custom made chair. We aim to spread the words to let more people know that each of us have our own comfort needs. We will be as bridge connecting people and comfort through our seating.