ARTOLETTA was installed at “lala mizunosato” in Yamanashi, Japan.

ARTOLETTA was installed at LaLa mizunosato which was opened in Ichikawa Misato-cho, Yamanashi Pref. The owner’s thought was contained in the theme of eating, moving and love being a place where you can experience a fun to create the health of your own heart and body. ARTOLETTA was designed for the people of Ichikawa Misato-cho to weave peaceful and beautiful nature, a town’s pride, Jinmeihanabi, Festival and many connections. It is a facility where you can get together and enjoy tasty handmade delicatessen or lunch box at sunny veranda with chatting everyday.

Canvas : Satis G6
Design : ARTOLETTA ( Order Made )

[ lala mizunosato ]
Adresse : 101-1, Takata, Nishiyatsushiro Gun Ichikawamisato 409-3606, Japon
Business Hours : Food court 10:00~19:00
Delicatessen 11:30~19:00
Studio 10:00~20:00 (21:00)
Regular Holidays:Sunday